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Mongolian FUR Pillows-My NEW FAVE!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these mongolian fur pillows…and lamb pillows…and sheepskin pillows. If they are furry and you can plop on them in pure exoctic comfort-then I love them!Here are a few to ponder over…check them out at West Elm, Moe’s Home Collection and Overstock for some great inspiration and deals!!

Enjoy! Suzy 馃槈


S.T Chelsea Nursery

S.T Chelsea Nursery

鈧139 –

Baby Gifts – ChalkBoard Wallcandy
$58 –

Gund Sesame Street Stuffed Animal
$22 –

Dog Pillow – Natural
$110 –

The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie
$20 –

CUB 2.0 Station |
$695 –

Iglooplay – Mod Rocker
$285 –

Re-defining the past

Re-defining the past

Vitra prouv茅 em table
$4,275 –

Artek pendant lamp a331
$995 –

Hailey Bedroom

Hailey Bedroom

Offi Bench Box
$499 –

Sticotti Desk Shelf Add On
$100 –

Remy White Round Rug
$90 –

Bamboo Desk Clock
$30 –

Ballard Designs, Trellis wallpaper
$119 –

High Flying Clock in Bird
$60 –

5 Rock Solid Shelving Ideas To Getting Organized In That Small Space


Hot town, Summer in the City鈥s the Lovin’ Spoonfuls said way back when. 聽NYC is famously filled with 24/7 activity for those that visit and live here alike. There is history to explore, along with Broadway shows, fine dining, hanging in central park and exploring the new hottest clubs…ALL in one day. What you can’t do easily is luck out on that rare find of an apartment loaded with closet, shelving and storage space!

Hiring a professional designer or architect is typically a must when it comes to planning, planning, planning every inch of these random sized apartments.聽聽See below the聽5 most user friendly shelving & storage solutions聽Le贸n Design, Ltd. and other designers have 鈥渂uilt鈥 into their client鈥檚 home!


1. Wine storage shelves:

Suzy Le贸n Design, Ltd/

In this beautiful Upper West Side apartment, the traditional dining room was nixed and a built in corner banquette was created to make inviting many guests over a no brainer. To keep the clutter from being exposed while enjoying a good meal, cabinetry was built on either side for place settings and serving dishes (and their kids crayons). The wine storage above is not only functional, but the angles & shelves draw the attention of the eye up, making the ceiling height appear taller. The mirrors placed above each banquette also create a larger illusion of the space. This awkward corner has now become the center piece of the entertaining area.

2. Shelves around a Fireplace:

Suzy Le贸n Design, Ltd/

A good old standby is to build shelving & storage AROUND anything that is a focal point. 聽Fireplaces are always a sure bet! With many random objects that these clients wanted to display, the need to utilize the entire wall became a necessity. Height was given to the room by meeting the crown molding at top. To avoid the shelves looking repetitious, the lower center cabinets bulge out to break up a flat looking line. 聽Added antique glass doors with an iron rod detail running across the frame on the top shelves. The hardware all around matches the antique iron look. Overall, the shelves create massive storage, height to the room, and more to look at than the pig in the fireplace.

Windows in the way? You can build just underneath as they did in the聽HGTV聽space and highlight the area with a rich, bold color. OR you can continue up around the windows as well.

3. Shelves flanking a sofa:

聽 聽

Suzy Le贸n Design, Ltd/

Same concept different space. The cabinetry was built around the main “sitting” area for quiet reading and watching TV with the family. The shelves aren’t packed, simply displaying a few contained pieces. Yet the room suddenly expanded with the height of the shelving. A neutral color on the wood work is used to blend into the background. Closed doors hide all the other clutter.

4. Shelves flanking a doorway:

GAP Interiors/Yvonne Oswald

LOVE this for any size space. Any chance I can get I always design shelving around a doorway. Here there are two doorways and a fireplace so it’s almost like I’m drooling over this one! The designer’s not only fit to every inch these beautiful architectural panels and details in the main living room but extended the design into the hallway. I’m in heaven. It’s just BEAUTIFUL. Even if you don’t have a large book collection as these folks do…shelves as you know can be used for anything. Fitting nicely decorated boxes (IKEA is good for that) and decorative mementos will open up your space and free yourself of clutter.

5. Shelves flanking a window:

Much larger than most NYC apartments, this quietly calm and serene living room shows off that great idea to build around the windows! 聽To gain attention, the clients interesting collection is displayed in every shelf built around the windows. With most apartments, cabinetry is built around every window possible. It is usually dead space so instead of collecting dust it’s showing off your favorite possessions.

Had to do it….

OK-this is a聽BONUS聽one! Love the idea of building in shelves around your home but your budget is on hold? Have that unused fireplace? Cram it up! Put your books, or magazines or even those cool decorative boxes from IKEA in the center. That’s it. You’re done! Just make sure you do some cool colors in your space and de-clutter the rest of the room. Otherwise it would look like a pack-rat moved in.

Do you have any cool shelving ideas of your own?

Have any photos to share?

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