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Sweater Chairs, Sheepskin, Lamp Fur Oh My…Time To Stop Fantasizing And Buy!


Coming in from the cold as a child, meant hot chocolate, cookies and hopefully cartoons. On a day like today, when my iPhone app says 10 degrees Fahrenheit, coming in from the cold, after walking the dog off-leash in Central Park, meant salivating for a strong shot of caffeine, cleaning up the kids breakfast dishes; feeding the dog, turning on the lizards heat lamps (yup) and trying to pretend that I didn’t have one heck of a work load ahead of me-business and family focused combined…of course.

So I procrastinate.  I think about how I have not “been back” writing my design blog…and as I found myself  fantasizing about all the cool indulgent design driven items that I was yearning to have in my apartment all at once (such as a 6 pelt sheepskin!) I figured…why not share?  So here I am, back again….but in from the cold, drenched in sexy, wooly and cozy sweater styled home décor. Enjoy!

The easiest way to make a sofa or chair warm and relaxing is by throwing on a classic fur (faux would be easier to stomach) or sheepskin, which can be found at numerous sites on the internet, including Ikea.

Cowhides of ANY color can visually add warmth to your room-try a classic from IKEA or explore the variety on

   My favorites…a teal Lamb Fur pillow from MOE’s plus LOVE this “what to do with…” my old boyfriend sweaters

 Adding anything next to your fireplace works too!!!  Stay cozy 😉 Suzy

13533956_xlg knitted-furniture-covers koldby-cowhide__0094238_PE232003_S4 Orange_Cowhide__82786.1281646017.1280.1280 product_throw sheep-throw-on-chair


It’s Your DORM Room…Man Cave Or Girl Humor Decor? Pull Yourself Together!


You’re there already. Whether a new freshman or that excited upper classman moving off campus finally, you’ve unpacked and begun to settle in.  If you’re a guy…you’re priority is probably not to spruce up your dorm room…or at least not yet (there are benefits!).  If you’re a girl…well, we know that you want to make this place just right! You’ll be there ALL year and will want it to feel like your own place vs the idea of living within four boring walls. If you are the bewildered parents in overdrive…you may want to help out. Not with design advice but with some extra bucks! Just kick the year off right.

Here we go- the economy is crap and you’re thinking an all-out mod college dorm room is not in the cards entirely. Well, you’re right…but…it can be done over a little bit of time-as in a few weeks. You don’t HAVE to buy everything at once. There is not much you can do about the cookie cutter environment, the cinder block walls (be grateful if you have sheetrock) and your choice of roommates but you can add color, lighting and some cool rugs that will not only make you love your new shack but have all those new friends your making come over and hang at your place! It’s a start.

First-your floor. Definitely try a shag. Or something bright and soft enough to walk bare foot or lay down on. You probably have some horrific color carpet wall to wall. You need to put something on top immediately! If you have beautiful hard wood floors you’re in better shape…but still top it off with something more than practical.  Find an eye catching rug  for the center of the floor.  That simple.  Large rectangular or smaller circular shapes all work. Just do something. This means bright orange or lime green or fuchsia pink. It means that cool shag rug in chocolate brown or that cow hide in any funky color. You can find deals on e-bay or CB2  like this late night game of “hopscotch” rug.

"Royal Elegance" Shag Rug 6' x 9' - Espresso, Extra Thick Twisted Acrylic Yarn, Hand Tufted, Cotton Backing

Next, your walls are a must…you want visual security that you’re not going to have to stare at blank walls or a bunch of crazy junk on them all year. Obviously, you can go the classic route of pinning up posters up and around your bed and desk area with masking tape. Huh-uh…just like everyone else. Ok- budget can be an issue so yes, you can go that route, but only most of the way. Look into scoring a few great ideas here for something creative that can bring your eye onto any part of the room (ie ceiling or even a corner). Wall decals, are the most design friendly way to go. You can do almost ANYTHING in wall decals! Pics, designs, letters, numbers, sayings and even customize your very own (but save that for senior year).  Below are a few fun ways to use the decals. There are great ideas for just using up space, showing off our most valued bff/ friends/ family photos or  just saying what’s on your mind. The wall MURALS will be an even bigger hit! Guys-there are surf scenes and sport figures…girls…anything under the stars you can create are there.


Below are the very cool and easy to use wall decal frames by Stick’R frames


Not into the peel and stick? Group any bunch of picture frames together! Ikea to Bed, Bath & Beyond have a ton. Or a great bulletin board to pin up your pics. Do a classic look with some current mod fabric to give it some background.


The biggest must is lighting! You most likely have what must pass as a flashlight in your room. Since overhead options are probably not part of the deal…you must invest in some really solid desk and standing lamps. One of my faves is the ipod docking station standing lamp. That’ just a win-win. Then there’s the extra shelving storage unit with the lamps built in! Major space saver.


Whatever you choose…make sure the wattage is high…60-75 is ideal and look into the “green” bulb options as well to make a smaller foot print in the world. You can save the big foot prints for when you graduate and become the CEO of your own biz or that perfect TV personality we are all looking for.


There are of course endless ideas to help pull together your dorm room or off campus abode….it all depends on what you are working with and the size of your room. Yes, designers do that every day and that’s what DesignEyez can do as well at a fraction of the cost…but I’m sure a designer tailored dorm room is just not that cool…and doing it yourself is 100 percent better and you can take all the credit you want. Throw pillows on your bed, some drapery panels around your window and some cool vintage signs on your door to let everyone know what you are about. Have some fun with it! Whatever you want your space to be it should be. Define it and own it!

…If you really want some secret help that no one will know about….shoot me an email and I’ll answer your question!