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Sweater Chairs, Sheepskin, Lamp Fur Oh My…Time To Stop Fantasizing And Buy!


Coming in from the cold as a child, meant hot chocolate, cookies and hopefully cartoons. On a day like today, when my iPhone app says 10 degrees Fahrenheit, coming in from the cold, after walking the dog off-leash in Central Park, meant salivating for a strong shot of caffeine, cleaning up the kids breakfast dishes; feeding the dog, turning on the lizards heat lamps (yup) and trying to pretend that I didn’t have one heck of a work load ahead of me-business and family focused combined…of course.

So I procrastinate.  I think about how I have not “been back” writing my design blog…and as I found myself  fantasizing about all the cool indulgent design driven items that I was yearning to have in my apartment all at once (such as a 6 pelt sheepskin!) I figured…why not share?  So here I am, back again….but in from the cold, drenched in sexy, wooly and cozy sweater styled home décor. Enjoy!

The easiest way to make a sofa or chair warm and relaxing is by throwing on a classic fur (faux would be easier to stomach) or sheepskin, which can be found at numerous sites on the internet, including Ikea.

Cowhides of ANY color can visually add warmth to your room-try a classic from IKEA or explore the variety on

   My favorites…a teal Lamb Fur pillow from MOE’s plus LOVE this “what to do with…” my old boyfriend sweaters

 Adding anything next to your fireplace works too!!!  Stay cozy 😉 Suzy

13533956_xlg knitted-furniture-covers koldby-cowhide__0094238_PE232003_S4 Orange_Cowhide__82786.1281646017.1280.1280 product_throw sheep-throw-on-chair


Back From Running-Coloring My World Again



It’s been a year…ok, just a bit over a year that I have been scouring the web for fabulous photos and inspirational design ideas for all of us that love visual beauty for our home.

I didn’t stop because I stopped loving the design world-it was the reverse effect. I became entirely enamored with all of the beauty of design and how it integrates into our everyday lives that I found myself falling into more and more adventures…or rather projects, that kept the hours in my day on a tight and rigid schedule.

On the side-I did run. I trained for nearly a year for the NYC marathon. Sadly Hurricane Sandy hit leaving the New York that I love and its surrounding areas struggling to get back to what was normal. On that Sunday that the marathon was to have taken place, I found myself running into Staten Island to help bring supplies and worked to help organize a shelter that was bursting with amazing people doing the same. I felt I did a dent into what was truly needed. This experience reminded me how important a home is and always will be for each of us.

When I see a homeless “person” (and sadly it can be a man or woman with children…) on the street, I think of how lucky I am to have my home and to be able to provide for my family. My home that I always ponder what it needs…what I should do to “fix it up” with this or that. I trust that this desire for always “wanting” is what keeps us feeling human.

There is a middle aged man who sleeps across the street from my building every now and then, here in Manhattan. He sets up a little center stage for himself to encompass his luggage of personal items, and where he will rest his eyes for the night. He always has on a bright orange hat, which is how I know it’s him. Last week I was walking my dog, and I was passing a stretch of dark, heavy garbage bags, layered one on top of the other, about seven feet high. I could see the garbage bags, left out for pick up in the early morning, went on for about 20 feet. As I approached the center of this stench, there was a five foot black leather sofa stuffed in-between the layers of these stacks. Gingerly sitting on the middle seat cushion was the man with the orange hat. I was taken aback, partly because I was horrified for him to be sitting so relaxed in the midst of this odor of garbage, from all the people that lived luxuriously in the building above him, but mostly because I secretly felt impressed he found comfort in the attractive, worn black leather sofa that he perched himself on for the night. We began to talk. He was suddenly the host of his own party. He began to tell me how the “guys” from the building brought him the sofa, that was considered junk by its former owner,  so that he could be comfortable for his night time rendezvous with our block. He went on to show me how another kind person brought him a warm coat, fleece, shoes and socks…in orange…because they knew it was his favorite color.

Long sigh. Color never leaves our lives no matter where we are in it…dark greys to energizing greens to soul comfort oranges. Color is our home…Home is truly where the heart is.

I now know that inspiration is everywhere-I want to share it once again.

Thanks for listening-



Madmen, The 60’S & Other Tufted Furniture


Madmen/ AMCTV

Soaring through the skies with its premiere show, Pan Am, I sat staring in awe with curiosity at the timeless style its society, fashion & design flair exposed. Same awe-inspiring excitement hit me when watching Madmen (regardless if a piece really worked aka Betty’s “fainting couch”). The interiors of Madmen have been the love-all for many designers…maybe it’s the fascination and authenticity of seeing the 60’s come to life. Inspiring, this retro era, appears vexing to be so articulate, yet it seems just as loopy as today. What’s so endearing, to one raised in another era, about the 60’s is that it was part of many births that unknowingly pushed design to the new level we see today. Ok, I’m taking in a deep breath. Don’t want to rant on and on…just want to hit one boundless topic-the period’s historical twist on tufted upholstery; those cute little indents mainly seen on sofas & chairs. I love them all. Style today, has been tufting any which way- from leather clad buttons to deep cavernous microscopic holes; tufting is right out gorgeous. Here are a few faves that are inspiring:

When looking at these beauties…don’t you just want to say-AHHH. The Restoration Sofa below would be my take on a new “fainting sofa”…or “the party’s here” sofa…or “I really let my kids watch TV here & eat popcorn on it” sofa. This is just a multitalented, unflappable, top shelf treat!


Restoration Hardware

For those of us that have less of a grandeur space…ahem…like most of us…Here’s a funky way to over-do the tufting and yet make it also a go-to spot for hanging out. And who remembers “cats-n-the-cradle”? See the remarkable art piece?

Lucketts Design House

Hesitant to use a little color on the walls? How about going full blast on some furniture!

Let’s talk beds….since us humans tend to spend most of our life in and on one, why not make it the coolest thing to look forward to at the end of a long day (or night!)? Plus, still love those hotel style beds where the headboards go up-up-up.

Se San Diego

Haven’t overlooked the practical….where we need these calm optical illusions of peacefulness. And what about a good place to put on our fabulous shoes-one foot at a time? Round ottomans truly rock!

So whether a Madmen set or a scene going through Pan Am, loving the tufted look is special treat…as long as those cute little endless buttons aren’t paired with a cute little 3 year old eating a P&J sandwich


Elle Decor

Have more questions? LOVE the 60’s too? LOATHE the 60″s? It’s all good!

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Metal chairs…cold, hard & very, very cool


It’s been a few years since the cool metal café chairs became a big hit…and everyone seemed to think a plane ticket to France was an adventurous idea to scour the fields of antiques for a handful of these fun new finds. Well, I’m sure it was. I missed the boat on an excuse to go to France or Paris for that matter…but c’est la vie (it’s all I know. Ok, I also know the words to THAT French song).

Anyway, in looking at OLY’s cool version of a metal chair, I got to thinking…What is out there? Are there many options for a metal chair? HA! What a dumb question I asked myself. There are TOO many crazy, funky & fun artsy metal chairs. I posted a few of course. BUT I was looking for something that is functional. Having metal legs ONLY doesn’t count (like my fave Saarinen chair) but yet, still posted one of those. Then, I came up with a few that snuck in the metal somewhere. Let me know if you have any of your own!


Domino Magazine                                                        OLY STUDIO

These are BAMBOO METAL…cool & probably comfortable!


                 Revival home & garden

Fun & artsy BORIS BALLY creates these crazy cool chairs and other designs that are hand-fabricated out of re-purposed steel traffic signs

and steel hardware, some even with old champagne corks. Check out his SITE


Boris Bally                                                                         Boris Bally

Even Restoration Hardware got into the act recently with this cool world war 11 fighter plane inspired chair.

Good for reading or just tuning out? Looks kind of comfy either way.

Aviator Chair Distressed Whiskey

Restoration Hardware

Hmpf…not for sitting…I don’t think? Not new either but pretty interesting how the metal bends so seamlessly smooth.

Ron Arad, Industry Designer

Yup-I like it but may want a cool faux leather hide as a seat cushion. Yes, I said faux.


Here’s LEGS only…but sexy ones they are…LOVE the newspaper influence for upholstery.

Dining Furniture Warehouse

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What the heck is eDecorating?


Yup…it’s the one question we keep hearing and we know you want to get a real simple answer. Promise, once you kind-of get it…you’ll realize how cool the concept really is. And what about…why does someone do eDecorating?  So we hear what you’re asking…and we are here to answer! There are so many questions to figure out if DesignEyez & eDecorating is something for you & your home.

Let me also mention, the real confusing part can be that there are so many ways to say it & spell it. It can be eDecorating or e-decorating, or edecor, e-design or virtual design plus more I’m sure. For us, we’re just going to still call it eDecorating.

So-What is this eDecorating thingamajig already? Simply laying it out…it’s your tool for having a professional create a “designer” home for you, without the exclusive fees that are classically associated with high-end interior design. Why? Because you are joining the process that design firms usually do all themselves. eDecorating creates custom designs for your home…you help to make it happen by doing all the shopping at retail online stores. You’re saying what? Ok. You make it happen by measuring your space, uploading photos of your space, chatting with me about your space…THEN you get to shop online from the shopping list sent to you along with your new floor plan and design board (see SAMPLES). Your shopping list consists of all the items suggested for your i.e. new bedroom or your new nursery or your new entry, with the cost of each item and a link to the web site. (See HOW IT WORKS)

Is this making sense?  Probably a little but now are you wondering WHY would you want to do eDecorating and do ALL this work. The short answer-because you want the designer home you’ve been visualizing or like you saw in that magazine and hiring an interior designer is not an option. You have a budget and can totally handle a do-it-yourself project. Bingo. You get it.

On the other hand, your friend says, spend the money on better quality furniture, not eDecorating services. Ok, sounds good. If your friend can space plan and put together all the details to make your room look really terrific, then you’ve got a game plan. If not, be aware of the expensive mistakes homeowners usually make when trying to fit furniture into their home. Even sending back a sofa or dining table that doesn’t fit correctly, costs time & money.

Was this helpful? Here’s a summary if you are wondering if eDecorating is for you: You want a designer home; you don’t want it to look like everyone else’s home; you have a budget and want to be able to be in charge of what you are buying and when you buy it….BUT you need a little help with spacing the furniture correctly and pulling all the details together. SO…you work with an eDecorating site like DesignEyez; you talk about what you want in the questionnaire and we design your home for you. It’s that simple. Want to try us out? We give away a free color consult on our FACEBOOK page because we want you to see what we can do to make you love coming home.

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Can My Home Office Be PINK?…And Other Colors. Design Ideas To Set Up In Your Abode


Home office organization gone colorful.

Working from home can be everyone’s dream…and everyone’s nightmare. I still debate the concept with myself today. After I had my kid’s over 10 years ago, I began to work again, from home. With two kids under 3 years old it wasn’t the break I was looking for when I thought of “going back to work”. I decided while building my business, it would be great to work for another designer, in a really cool office space, that got me out of the house,  doing what I considered important. Then my own business started to grow. I would come home from the cool office, to be with my kids, put them to bed, and work into the wee hours of the night. I was exhausted. I decided to work from home again full time. After this yo-yo diet of job considerations, I finally moved my own business out of the house. I was relieved to separate my home and work life. Now that my kids are out of the house and in school, I set up my “home office” for when I want to work from home and not go into my office. Dreary alone, I realized color and organized color is the way to perk up the spirits when you’re dabbling in tons of paperwork and sitting at a computer all day. A single hot pink wall did the trick in my tiny corner. I’m there now, writing this from home…still in my PJ’s. Guess there’s a pleasant dream of having a home office. I can take a nap when I’m done.

See these other dreamy, colorful home office and desk designs that you can use to feel that sliver of “isn’t this cool” moment when you grasp the fact; working from home isn’t such a bad idea. Enjoy!


Whether fuchsia pink, robin’s egg blue or sunset yellow…any one color on a dominant wall can help set the stage for a home office. This tranquil wall above, with the framed art taking over, creates a defined space that makes you feel important. Take the moment. Your kid is waking up from their nap soon.


Suzy León                                                         HGTV

Sometimes we’re stuck and have no choice in our space but to either set up a desk in our bedrooms (caution to the wind…this only works if you have no paper trail and only use a laptop) or right nearby in what we used to consider a closet. These necessary evils can work if you can really keep it neat in the bedroom (which should always be a peaceful place) or if you can truly give up an entire coat closet. Typical in urban apartments, a “closet office” works very well since you can shut the door to your mess when you are done for the day. Just still keep it fun and pull up a colorful chair when working as above.

Yes, that’s a changing table right next to that very well organized home office. One of you will have to move from that space eventually so I like how it is functional now for both you & baby, yet if you get booted, the shelves & desk space will be perfect for your brilliant kid to do homework.

PinkOffice First Post

chicgeek designs

For those a bit nervous to just go for the color…you can still do it in small waves. This elegant set up does have that friendly whisper of a pink painted in the back wall of the bookshelves. Love the center inspiration board area for photos and reminders, plus the simplicity of the sleek, mod glass desk.

Just love the fact that this home office is built right in to its own little corner. Probably a whole other topic the built-in, but here we can still add hints of color with file organizers and storage boxes. Maybe there is a brilliant purple chandelier hanging nearby…that would be cool.

Have you done any recent home office projects? Would love to see them! We’re thinking of adding a page for DesignEyez friends to share their projects-so let us know if you like that idea!

You can always email me with questions or post now on our facebook page. Thanks for hanging out…hope you enjoyed the read!

Best, Suzy

Labor Day-Let’s Party! …Painless table setting idea’s


The end of summer bliss usually means crossing your fingers that Labor Day weekend will be full of sunshine, friends & checking in that your finally done with all those “fun” projects you had planned for your home. Ok, well some of us are obsessed with somehow perfecting our home…and I’m definitely on the list.  As well as the list for needing more than 24 hours in a day.  AND somehow just never getting everything on my own list done! Hopefully that’s normal? So to appeal to my naive side I fantasize about making the last official weekend of summer visually pleasing. One way is by inviting friends & the sunshine to an outdoor feast where easy to do table settings & laughter are on the menu.

Check out these hands-down, uncomplicated & budget friendly table setting ideas for a whole crew of guests or just your favorite few.

Simple & effortless, these tables don’t take much effort. Great for a last minute get together or even planned ahead…it will leave more time for you to finish up that project you still have in the kitchen. A monochrome table cloth gently covers any table. Use whatever chairs you have around and your everyday dinner dishes. The trick here is to “dress” it up by placing the table center stage on your back patio or on your lawn in-between those large beautiful trees. Then adding colorful flowers in the center. No tablecloth but colorful chairs? Well that’s all you need to have the look of the table below…and just bunches of large colorful flowers.



Want something a little more formal or really laid back? Oh, and on that user-friendly level? Take these great ideas from these party designs. The turquoise blue makes quite a statement and it’s simply a tablecloth! Any bright color top with contrasting napkins and flowers are eye catching on their own-so you done! OR if you’re at the beach, configure some well-balanced low lying table top. Then place light & clear table ware & vases filled with candles & flowers. No need for real chairs-get down in the sand on some large and comfy pillows.


flowers by fudgie                                               

Feel the Martha Stewart coming out?  Leaves, lemons (yes…oranges & even blueberries too!) and creative initials for each guest make this place setting flirty and indulging. Your guests will want to sit and see what’s in store for the evening. Being a good cook is not required…just a few good bottles of wine.

Want to be playful? What tops the entire place setting is what’s usually seen first (…you caught the initial thing above, yes?) Well, one idea is to use bandanas (mix colors too) as your serving napkins with fruit or flowers on top. How about after a group hike or trimming your own just-happen-to-have fern tree (or the like)…place the leaves tied on the napkin as well? If done on monochromatic place settings, it’s be an easy focal point for all to see.


housebeautiful                                                         countryliving

The no brainer part of this whole table setting idea is that ANY type, color, size of a floral centerpiece is the key to outdoor entertaining. You don’t need to use your bucks and do something fancy. If you have your own flowers-use them now or buy something simple and the same color. Place them in tins or jars and just pack them in to make your friends gawk at all the effort you put into this lovely summer day. (Hint-don’t really tell them it was nothing-they won’t believe you).


 realsimple                                            cake events

Lastly, be a know-it-all and show off your place setting knowledge. You’ll want an informal setting that looks like it’s dressed for the Grammy’s. Dessert spoon & forks go at the top, in-between the salad plate and glassware (water, white wine & red wine).  The knife & spoon to the right…and dinner fork and salad fork to the left.


allthingsrefined                                                                     hgtv

Forget the REST of the house and that to-do list that just won’t get done. Enjoy next weekend and splurge your ideas on your friends…not your wallet!

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