Antler Antics…See How They Shine


Want to throw a quick something out there that a client recently reminded me of…the Antler chandelier! VERY popular a few years back, I began gazing at these seemingly childhood delights aka reminds me of Santa Clause & poor Rudolph, and realized why they are still so striking.

Each appears unique…and most likely will be…and there are a great number of companies that will customize them to your liking. No need for the rustic bone color style either, there is at least one company that will make your Antler glee into any Benjamin Moore color that you desire. Think hot ruby red or even a citrus orange to brighten up any family room, entry or any other space that craves attention.

SO here are a few reminders of why & how these grand lighting fixtures can charm a room and light up your cool, brisk winters. Just please, please remember…overdoing it (or anything) is a buzz kill! Keep it simple. Also keep in mind for those of the faint hearted, you can also purchase faux styles too…they should be able to keep Santa & Rudolph in business.

Below are some inspiring & unique pieces…with some down to earth as well as earth-shattering (ok not really but liked the play on words) locations for these beauties.

make mine eclectic

celebrate creation


The above is my favorite!

If one was being shipped to your home…what color would it be and where would you place it!?

Love to hear what you have to say…

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About DesignEyez by Suzy León is the work behind New York City based interior designer Suzy León of León Design, Ltd. Suzy has been running her own business, working with amazing clients & successfully designing luxury Manhattan homes for over 10 years. Prior to León Design, Ltd., Suzy worked with designers in New York City & Boulder, Colorado. As a native New Yorker, Suzy had been exposed to design at a young age. After helping her own mother’s interior designer create custom built-in’s for her teenage bedroom-she was hooked! Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology & Speech communication, Suzy worked briefly in the world of advertising while continuing her education to earn an A.A.S. in Interior Design at F.I.T. in New York City. Suzy is passionate about the world of design and loves the idea that DesignEyez can help bring a lot of visual beauty into everyone’s home, at every budget! The biggest compliment she gets from her clients is that they “love coming home”. The world of design is at our fingertips…DesignEyez gives you the opportunity to bring that world into your home!

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